Sunday 31 October 2021

Tenderness Of Wolves - Death | Devil

British dark/occult electronic duo Tenderness of Wolves have just released a Halloween special double A-side single, that heralds the arrival of their debut LP "Atra Mors" next year. Both tracks were originally part of the "MMXX" demo, but on "Death | Devil" have been given a revamp, fleshing out their gloomy take on witch music. "Death" is a ghostly dirge, a slow-moving dark ambient funeral procession escorted by sombre keys and melancholic gospel vocals, leading the listener in a trance-like state to the "Devil". Track two amps up the tempo with its pulsating throbs and brooding synths, supported by an angelic choir in the background. Fans of early releases from V▲LH▲LL and ∆AIMON (as well as The Banks Brothers' "He’ll Roll Your Burdens Away") pay attention.

You can buy the single here, and stream it after the jump.