Sunday 17 September 2023

Humanfobia - †​​​▲​​​PANDEMONIO​​​▲​​​†

Chillean witchhouse power couple is back with a new album. Sort of. Humanfobia's "Pandemonio" came out in January this year via Internet Daemon, however last month it was picked up by Paco Moreno label and re-released with new artwork in CD format. The album is a haunted tribute to the early witch house sound, bringing to mind experimental works of Mater Suspiria Vision and Ponyboy. DIY approach is at the front and centre, it may be choppy at times, but it feels honest and dedicated. "Special Darkness 特別な闇" opens the album with a good kick, dark-rave beat with slower synth line and the horror-like vocals. However it's the "Hijo De La Aurora" that sets the tone for the rest of the LP here, with its slower tempo and Mist Spectra's vocals. My personal highlights are the dungon synth/ambient procession "Goblincore Forest", the mood building of "☾☾☾Luna Menguante en el cementerio ☾☾☾", warped melody of "Bruja Escarlata" and the ghost drone'd "†🩸Vampiric Ancient Transmutation II 🩸†". The record features three collaborations (with AudioBake, †ATMOS†PHERE † OF GOD AND † DEVIL† and IDTAL) and overall feels like a backmasking experiment crazy Christians warned you about in the 80s.

Grab the album for free here, CD here and stream it below.