Monday 25 April 2022

Tenderness Of Wolves - Colours

The debut EP from Tenderness Of Wolves has finally landed. "Colours" consists of 8 horror-themed landscapes, which while rooted in the old school witch-house approach, manage to defy categorisation by the genre's modern standards. Dark ambient is mixed with obscure occult samples, while harrowing drones pave the way for cold synths and sparse beats. A few of the tracks should be already well known to anyone who followed the group for a while, but there are some unexpected (and most welcome) additions. "Devil (Pandaemonium)" gets an omnious d'n'b treatment, while "Anatomy of Dub" is a slowly burning and stripped down remix of "Anatomy of Terror". Overall, I must admit this is one of the best witchy releases I've heard so far this year and a must-buy for the next Bandcamp day for sure.

You can buy "Colours" here, and stream it in all its glory below.