Friday 29 March 2024

Humanfobia - Ringu リング

For years now, the Chilean witch house duo Humanfobia has been championing the art of re-scoring and creating alternative soundtracks to some of Japanese most obscure as well as popular movies and series. Their latest mini-album "Ringu リング" is an hommage to the cult horror movie "Ring". Basking in the eerie and uncomfortable, the album is a sonic trip that intertwines and weaves various aspects of dark ambient, minimal witch house and Mist Spectras ghostly vocals, offering an aural equivalent of the supernatural VHS tape. Featuring stem contributions from Sonic Kitchen, Axis Project and DJ_ Iterate, Humanfobia's eight soundscapes will slowly and steadily seep from you speakers luring you into band's creepy world. Spooky soundtrack just in time for Easter.

Download the album here, and stream it below.